Eulogia Electro Mechanical Work contractor PLC is a Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing contracting company in Ethiopia specializing in design, build, construct, supply, install, service, upgrade, and maintenance of Electro-Mechanical Systems & Networks, Utilities and Equipment and as well as renewable energy (like Solar system design, installation and training) ,Energy Audit, IT/computer networking systems.

We shall identify needs and opportunities in a timely fashion and respond through innovative solutions.

We strive to create the biggest platform for loyal and capable engineers to provide innovative solutions for the MEP problems.



Our goal is to become the leading MEP and property management firm in Africa.

Why Choose Us?

Practice Ethics and Integrity

We maintain high ethical and moral standards in our professional and business practices. We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Drive Innovation

We realize the need to timely identify requirements and opportunities and respond through innovative solutions. To this end, we foster an innovative environment in everything we do and provide supportive atmosphere for new and creative thinking.

Value our Customers

Our deeds are driven by our customer needs. We find practical and effective means to meet these needs of our customers through unique and excellent execution every time to become their indispensable partner.